Hydraulic manifold manufacturing for your hydraulic power unit

Successsun is a standard and custom hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic systems manufacturer with rich experience. We provide hydraulic control solutions for customers who use hydraulic systems for daily work, such as shipbuilding companies and crane &lifting equipment manufacturers. Since 2003, we have produced tens of thousands of hydraulic manifolds, and now, we can produce more than 6000 hydraulic manifolds per month. Expect for providing the design and production service of hydraulic manifold, we can manufacture the hydraulic system whose components all come from international famous companies, such as ABB, SUN, Rexroth and so on.

Successsun provides one stop customization service for custom hydraulic manifold. Thanks to our experienced technicians, advanced technologies and machines, we can offer you a hydraulic manifold with higher quality at a lower price. Though Successsun had produced more than ten thousands of standard hydraulic manifolds, they still can't meet all market requirements and some companies' special requirements for manifold used in hydraulic systems. So we offer the customization service and can help customers design and manufacture exclusive hydraulic manifolds. Customers can choose materials from aluminum alloy, ductile iron, stainless steel and others.